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Gemini Horoscope Compatibility, Love Matchmaking
Gemini Affinities
Sign of nature Masculine
Ruling planet Mercury
Symbol Twins
Element Air
Colour Yellow
Metal Mercury
Gemini Compatibility
Gemini - Aries Gemini - Taurus
Gemini - Gemini Gemini - Cancer
Gemini - Leo Gemini - Virgo
Gemini - Libra Gemini - Scorpio
Gemini - Sagittarius Gemini - Capricorn
Gemini - Aquarius Gemini - Pisces

The Gemini personality is bright witty and adaptable. Very little ever troubles a Gemini or stopes one talking for long. Geminies can argue their way out of any situation. Gemini can do almost anything so long as it does not cause boredom anathema to Gemini. You are always at least two things at once. You are inquisitive, cheering, versatile, articulate and dextrous. Gemini are renowned for their dual personalities and ability to change mood from moment to moment.
Love Life
Your own sun sign has a compelling appeal - life together is an adventure. Flamboyant Gemini is known as flirtatious sign of the zodiac, you tend to flit from love to romance before earning. Even after getting marriage, it is not easy for you to control yourself for love with a new partner. You give a lot of love and happiness to your spouse, for you, love and romance must be in the fast lane and your partner must keep up with your exuberant inclinations - an attitude, which often leads to relationships being short-lived.
Physical Appearance
Geminis have good bone structure and light movements, which make them a good dancer.Gaminis facial expressions, are usually baby like in their transparency. Quick to smile. Your ears are larger than normal, your physique tends to remain slim even when your food intake begins to cross the limits.

Gemini’s always seem to suffer more with colds and flu. You tend to have tendency of cold since congestion in the respiratory organ is a reflection of the Gemini tendency to block the mind to many thoughts at once. You should learn that correct breathing also helps to decongest the mind and an orderly mind means a healthier body.

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Profession and business
You love money and its advantages, but you tend to take the acquisition of money as a challenge and this often leads you into speculation. If you can restrain yourself from being impulsive and seizing opportunities without assessing them fully, Gemini could be Broad Caster, Writer, Commentator, Journalist, Lecturer, Navigator and Travel Agent.

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