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Premium Services
  Love and Romance
Answer your burning love and romance questions, and figure out your sex and sizzle factor. Enhance your romance or get through those challenging issues. This reading compares the birth information for the two of you and gives you insight into your bond -- from what brought you together to your relationship's fate. Gives you a clear picture of loyality of each other.
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  Post Marriage Problems
Are you with your true Soul Mate? Are you compatible -- emotionally, mentally and sexually? How can you enhance the deepest points of connection with each other? How do your unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses match up? The Astrovalley astrologer will give the answers you are seeking.
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  Life Time Analysis
This is analysis on all the trends and major points in life. It shows the good periods, negative periods of life. It also deals with every aspect of life ,relationships, career, finances, children, home etc.
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  Raj Yoga
The Astrology, have given many planetary combinations for Rajayogas (Governing Position) in a horoscope.

These Rajayogas are the ones which give power, position and wealth.Astrovalley astrologers will tell you the yogas present in your chart and the time they are likely come into effect, along with enhancement guidelines and remedies if needed.
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  Obsticals In Life>>Career & Business
Take a Astrologiacal view at your career -- and take control of it! Start accelerating down your chosen career path today -- find financial success and personal happiness in work with the personal analysis of learned astrologers of Astrovalley.
Get essential astrological information about when to begin your new business venture! Based on the birth information for a new or potential business owner, founder or major associate, this forecast will show you the best times to start a new business or business-oriented project.
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Indian Vedic Numerology, Bio-Rhythm, Name and Date of Birth Compatibility