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                                                                       Vedic Remedies                                                                      


It is advised to wear gemstones to strengthen the weak auspicious planetary positions and the already strong planets.
Different gems are recommended for different kinds of problems and these gemstones are studded in different metals.
Each gemstone should be worn on it's own auspicious day after the chanting of proper mantras.

Performing remedial measures & wearing stone for a planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planets in the horoscope. Stone increases the benefic aspects by absorbing rays of the planet and flowing them into the human body.

Gems which are not mined and are formed in animals, shells and other organisms are called devmanis and they bear supernormal powers. They are very rare and cannot be obtained without luck.                        


Mantra Remedies

Mantras relate to the repeated chanting of auspicious lines or words to overcome the problems. Each root word produces a sound that activates a different center in the human body which correlates to the particular planet.

It is the recitation of a particular sound repeatedly to overcome the problems set forth by the planet which responds to that particular sound.

The basis of mind in its objective and structural aspect is the power inherent in different combinations of sounds.

How consciousness differentiates into different states of mind is an interesting question and is impossible to know in the real sense until we can raise our consciousness to the level where this differentiation takes place and the manner in which it is brought about

Tantra Remedies

At times when the Mantra does not work because of difficult malefic position of planets in a horoscope in that case Tantric sound patterns work like surgery and clears most of the hurdles.

Tantric yoga is one of several esoteric traditions of India. Tantra is used, when the situation becomes adverse and no conceivable solution is found even by Mantra. Effective upayas or remedies are available for various types of problems in life.

TANTRA YOGA offers an alternative, and practical individual road to salvation, called a SADHANA , beside the Vedic one which is often deemed to be antiquated. It is important to remark here that the true Tantric SADHANA is accessible to people of any caste, social status, age, women as well as men, householders as well as ascetics.

Yantra Remedies

Yantra is a mystical diagram, an instrument or an appratus to represent gods and deities. Yantra, the most efective remedy, is used when the process of remedy has to be followed for a longer period and when it is not possible to practice other remedies.

Yantra is the visible means to gain power, wealth and nullify the malefic effects of planets. Yantra needs to be
purified by auspicious mantras for effective results.

The remedies do not bring about success directly but they just help overcome the obstacles and difficult situations.
Remedies can not substitute the efforts that are mandatory to achieve the goals.



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